Chevy or GMC Truck Restoration

What we do

We are specialists in the restoration of 1947 through 1959 Chevy and GMC series trucks. We have almost 50 years experience in the Advance Design Series and Task Force Series trucks from 1947 to 1959. We know the subtle differences in each year that most overlook when restoring a truck to original condition.

We are a little different than most restoration shops in that we will do pieces of the project that you may not have time to do, or the tooling to do such as replacing a floor panel in a cab or a roof panel. We will bring it to a stage that you can take over and complete. Replace a firewall with a OEM type or recessed type and let you sand prep and paint.

We also can supply you with the parts for your Chevy or GMC Truck Restoration

We sell restoration parts to the public so you can complete your restoration or resto-mod. We have access to 80,000 part numbers that can be shipped from the warehouse closest to you to save money. The parts we sell are the parts we use in our Chevrolet GMC truck restoration projects so you can be sure that they will fit your application. If you buy a part from us we can tell you how to install it and what other parts you may need to complete the task.

We also manufacture some parts in house radiator hose adapters, power steering kits and vintage Chevy and GMC truck disc brake conversions for 3/4 ton and 1 ton Chevy or GMC.

Our Brands